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Best places for startups in India

People looking out for opportunities for making a living in different cities in India needs to get a brief understanding of the challenges faced. The primary parameter that can be used to gauge the process is the demand-supply of resources within the city. The cities in India can be mainly categorized into Tier 1, 2, and 3 respectively. We have a notion in the country that only big metro cities can earn us hefty income but that's not true.

Tier 1 cities comprise metro cities and the per capita income in these regions can become confusing because of uncertainties. These cities come under the developed category but because of the population, the competition gets tough. There can be good chances in the service sector but the business section throws a challenge to the public. The mere aspiration of entrepreneurship can become a burden in the going. Cut to a small colony with a decent population, you could see more shops than required in a particular category out of which one or two would succeed while the others need to step back because of the demand-supply mismatch. Online selling will be then become the next possible diversion to fulfill your dream and en route face the relevant challenges

Tier 2 cities come under the developing or growing category like Indore, Surat and can generate ample opportunities for doing business. As these cities surveillance under the growing sector plus the population providing some breather, the "vocal for local" mantra can succeed. You could find more crorepatis in such cities rather than a Tier 1 city. The supply of resources can easily fulfill the needs of the demand. Venturing into online selling will only provide a boost to your sales. Tier 3 cities are towns or small cities like Varanasi which is also in developing mode but has fewer chances when compared to Tier 2 cities. As the population is less, the demand generated is small, most of the people are left with no option other than discovering the needs in big cities. But building one or two factories in this location can shower a blessing in disguise Villages to mention is a different zone altogether. It has its charm and you could see people earning enough through farming. With proper aid and timely help, they can do wonders.

Having said this, it becomes imminent that the right opportunities can dwell anywhere but with due diligence and proper inspection one can conclude that Tier 2 cities will come as a helping hand to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create an impact that can also lead to the overall economic growth of the country.

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